Guild marks into AD

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Guild marks into AD

Post by tady85 » Fri May 25, 2018 2:53 pm

Hello fellow guild members (babylonians)
So, after you donate to the guild coffer you get Guild marks as reward and you do not know what to do with it!

There are two ways of getting AD with them:
1. In the guild stronghold, at the generalist merchant, you can go and check Scrolls tab, buy explorer cases, go in those areas, open the cases and collect the profession materials and sell them on AH. Best way to do it, is to gather the cases and open them on 2 x Professions event, with the Utility Guild boon for more gold and 2 x mats. The ones that sell are always changing and you have to check the prices for yourself. Whispering Cavern and Mount Hotnew always sold well.

2. Check the temporary structures for professions from the other guilds in our alliance : Goldsmith, Tannery, Tenterground, Bloomery, Atelier and check what they sell. Sometimes you have to compare prices on A and see which one sells better and gives a better profit. You can also increase masterworking using them, a lot easier than crafting the things that you need. You can make AD by crafting masterwork stuff too!

You can see here what every one of them sells : ... Structures

And i also made a spreadsheet. it is not updated, and all the prices CHANGE from day to day, but it might help you!
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