The Chat Window

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In this section you will find Guild specific information you should know about what being in our Guild offers, what is going on in the Alliance, and what we expect from new members
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The Chat Window

Post by Preechr » Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:48 pm

The Default Chat window can be quite a mess, especially in busy Zones like Protector's Enclave
Many players just disregard all of it after a while, but now that you are in a guild, it would be good to pay attention to what's going on
A guild is, after all, a social construct, so even for those of you that are shy or anti-social, please remember that ignoring people that are trying to talk to you is generally considered to be rude

If you haven't already discovered it, the chat window has many customizations available to make it more "what you care about" and less "impossible mess of garbage"
First thing, you should probably make a new tab (not overriding your default channel)
Start by clicking on the little gear icon to the upper left of your chat window
That opens up your chat settings
Click "New Chat Tab" in the bottom left, and see that you have a new tab to play with... tabs can be renamed and moved around within the chat window by clicking and dragging, the window can also be resized and moved if you wish... you can also separate the tabs into different windows if you want to go crazy with it

So, now you can rename your new tab whatever you want... I generally name mine Guild Alliance Que.... something like that
Next, you can check or uncheck the boxes next to the types of chat you want to see in this tab... this is only a filter... all of the other chats will still be displayed in the Default chat tab... To catch only the types of communication directed specifically at you or the groups you would be in, you would check the following: Alliance, Guild, Party, Queue Group, Raid, Say and Tell

Note: These are basically the minimal settings, so you should look at the other options and make your own decisions... you may like seeing loot rolls in chat while in a dungeon, and you may want to see when your friends log on and off, for example

Next, look at your colors... these can be changed, which is really helpful for those that have a hard time with certain colors, but I always change Alliance chat to red, to provide some contrast to Guild chat

Last, check out the general chat options by clicking the Chat Options button in the bottom of the window
Yes, its kinda silly to have options for options, but in this second panel, which is part of your general options for everything, you can turn off the fade and transparencies that make chat so hard to follow for some people... By making all modes of chat have opaque backgrounds and removing the fade away feature, your chat window will be easier to read and you won't have to keep hitting alt and hovering over it to read what is being said

I hope this helps make chat a little more useful... If you have any other questions about it, however, please ask here or in game

Have Fun!
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