Donating to the coffer

Welcome to our Guild!
In this section you will find Guild specific information you should know about what being in our Guild offers, what is going on in the Alliance, and what we expect from new members
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Donating to the coffer

Post by Preechr » Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:13 pm

Right off the bat, please know Babylon has no requirement for donations
If you want to donate in order help the guild grow and become stronger, we love that about you!
That being said, here is how the coffer works:
It is located in the back of the stronghold, and it looks like a mimic:
Once you open it, you will see a list of the other Alliance Strongholds on the left with Babylon already highlighted, and a list of things you can donate toward our current construction target
How Stronghold construction works is a bit beyond this topic, so just know that the donations needed by the coffer at any given time will change based on whatever goal we are working toward, and we can only accomplish one goal at a time
Our current construction goal will be at the top of the right panel in the coffer window
Below that, you will see groups of Resources (such as wood, stone and metal,) Stockpiles (such as gems, gold and surplus equipment,) and Campaign Currencies

Resources are mostly produced by buildings we have built in the Stronghold itself, such as the lumberyard produces the wood we need for new buildings and upgrades
Stockpiles are all types of items that guild members collect as the play the game and collect loot
Campaign Currencies are collected by players as they progress through the various campaigns

The vast majority of these donations come in the form of vouchers, influence and shards, which are special currencies that can only be used in a stronghold coffer as a donation, though some vouchers are unbound and can be sold and traded

Each donation given will give the person donating a number of Guild Marks, which is currency that can be traded for all kinds of various items in the Alliance, such as armor, accessories, food and so on... be sure to check the offerings in the bigger Level 20 Strongholds, as they will have much nicer stuff available

Some new guild members, anxious to start donating, donate whatever they have to give... Please note that Babylon doesn't want you to donate anything you need to progress as a player!

For new players, the best way to donate is through vouchers and shards

Please, don't donate any actual Campaign Currencies unless you are 100% sure you don't need them anymore
As you participate in stronghold events, complete certain campaign tasks and participate in certain game events, you will come across vouchers of various potencies that can be donated to the coffer, though at times our goals may not require certain things, so they won't be on the list
In that case, you can store them and wait until they are needed, or donate them to another guild in the Alliance

Influence is a unique currency that is detailed in another post:

Shards come in many flavors, and you earn them by completing daily tasks for the Stronghold NPCs standing around the fountain... if you want to know more, go talk to them :D

Later on, after you are well past level 70 and your artifact gear is getting well or completely refined, you may choose to start donating stuff like gems (including bound insignias you dont want,) surplus equipment you cant salvage, gold, or other stockpile stuff... Once you can comfortably afford to do so, these donations will be welcomed and appreciated... just please don't hurt your own progress to give!

As with all things, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in Guild Chat or PM one of us in Game (or respond here.)

Have Fun!
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