Stronghold Event - Influence Runs!

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Stronghold Event - Influence Runs!

Post by Preechr » Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:00 pm

One thing all awesome guild members try to do every day they play is collect up at least 400 influence to donate to the guild coffer
Influence is a currency needed for every single upgrade done to the Stronghold, and it can only be supplied by players earning it in the Stronghold

The main way to earn influence every day is for one or more players to complete 5 of the Heroic Events that are always popping up on the stronghold map
Some people solo five of the easy ones (Beast Attack!, Devil Attack!, Docks Supply Woes, Drake Attack!, Lake Supply Woes and Spider Attack!) and fairly regularly people will announce in Alliance chat that they are forming up groups to run 5 or more of those and/or the slightly harder ones (Ancient Lake Assault, Dragon Hills Assault, Homestead Assault, Homestead Kidnapped and Misty Hills Kidnapped)
Feel free to join such a group even if you haven't ever done an Influence Run, as there will always be a "leader" that will check the map, announce the next Heroic Event (HE) they will be heading to, and lead the charge

Even if you have a slow mount, all you actually have to do is make it there in time to get one hit in and you will get full credit for completion
These events also drop small vouchers and a lot of random loot, so the Guild is not the only one making a profit!
On occasion, you might see groups forming to run bHEs, or Big Heroic Events... the goal is usually the same (collecting influence) but they are planning to only run the epic HEs (Bickering Beholder, Canyon Crisis, Giants Among the Dead, Hideaway Crisis, Lake Crisis and No Sympathy) usually for the challenge but sometimes also because they can also drop loot gear that's unique to these encounters
These can be fun to watch, or even more fun to participate in if you are up to the challenge, but they are fairly tough for all but the best geared and more skilled players

There are also Demonic Heroics that pop up in the Stronghold, but they don't award influence so aren't talked about here...

The first Heroic Encounter completed per day gives 150 influence, the second gives 120 influence, the third gives 75 influence, the fourth gives 35 influence, and the fifth gives 20 influence. The first Epic Heroic Encounter (bHE) completed per day also gives 10 Heroic Shard of Power, another form of SH currency.

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