Stronghold Event - Marauders!

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Stronghold Event - Marauders!

Post by Preechr » Tue Aug 29, 2017 6:31 pm

Another event you will see announced in Alliance Chat fairly frequently is Marauders
This event is intended to last as long as the people fighting can go on, getting more difficult with each wave
In reality, Strongholds will host a Mauraders event so everyone can get the 600 influence per week per alt that is awarded for completing the first wave, then everyone will vote to quit
That being the case, everyone will assemble at the Eastern Gate of the hosting Stronghold and ignore the other areas
A wagon will pull up, drop off a pile of treasure, then leave, which starts the event
three portals will open up on each of the three roads leading away from the gate, from which large groups of mobs will spawn in waves, some to fight and some to run up and steal our treasure! All of them have to die...
At times, a big catapult and a few mobs will spawn up on the cliff, and if the catapult gets off a shot, the NPC will announce that he needs to send supplies from the treasure pile to repair the castle... for some reason, once the catapult is destroyed, those supplies will appear on the ground to be picked up and re-deposited in the loot pile
Once all the waves of the first round are defeated, everyone will vote to quit, then take their rewards and influence and deposit them in the coffer

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