Stronghold Event - Dragonflight!

Welcome to our Guild!
In this section you will find Guild specific information you should know about what being in our Guild offers, what is going on in the Alliance, and what we expect from new members
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Stronghold Event - Dragonflight!

Post by Preechr » Tue Aug 29, 2017 6:17 pm

One of the main reasons I looked for a guild to join originally was so I could participate in Dragonflight events and get Dragonflight Armor pieces
Though all my alts have all the DF armor they need and my mains have moved on to bigger and better things, I still run these whenever they pop up to get vouchers for the coffer and to help out the alliance folk that are trying to get the armor
Plus, it's fun!
If you are reading this you are probably new to Dragonflights, so first, don't worry about it... Our alliance makes these events simple and quick, though there are a few things you NEED to know going in:

1. You're leveled up to 70 any time you are on the Stronghold map, though your gear stays the same, so while your level 20 Wizard alt can participate, she won't do as much damage as a proper level 70 toon
2. The Stronghold boxes you get as a reward require a key to open that you can get on the AH, but those only give bonus fangs and vouchers... you will still get fangs and vouchers if you don't open the boxes
3. Our alliance usually will kill all four dragons, but two at a time. Parties will form up at the Green and Red Dragon spots, and when those Dragons are around 5-10%, Red Parties will leave a couple of heavy hitters to wait around and all quickly ride over to kill the Blue Dragon, and the Green Dragon parties will run to Black
4. YOU NEED TO WATCH CHAT! - The most rewards are given if all the dragons die within one minute of one another, so the person that is running the event will be watching the health of the dragons and telling everyone when to stop damaging one of them, when to move to the next, and when everyone should finish off all the dragons... any dragon that is not dead within one minute of the first one that dies will fly off and no one will get rewards for him
5. YOU NEED TO WATCH CHAT! - This is the one thing that will mess up a Dragonflight event... sometimes people get wrapped up in killing a dragon and forget to pay attention to what's going on, and sometimes even a random companion or extra strong Damage over Time spell can finish off a dragon before the others are ready... Pay attention, please
6. Melee to Red, Ranged to Green: After the Green Dragon is nearly dead, those parties will run to the Black Dragon, which poses a significant problem for Melee fighters: If you are too close to him, he will kill you very quickly, and when you die, a ghost will appear with a big red aura of death around him that will seek out and kill the other players! For that reason, it is asked that Melee fighters fight the Red and Blue Dragons and the Ranged fighters work on the Green and Black Dragons
Additionally, if you are new to Dragonflights, or on a low level toon, its probably safest to start at Red, as he is the least tricky dragon
7. Release and run back - You will die, and when you do, just Shift-2 to release and run back from the campfire... Don't yell for help, just release, run back, and start fighting again
8. If, for some reason, you are determined to hit the paingiver chart at the end of the event, kill all the Empowerers that spawn... The person that kills the most Empowerers will generally get top score, but the Empowerers also EMPOWER the dragons while they are alive, so you would be helping the group as well
9. If you are set up as a healer or can shield people, you will be needed at Green and Blue... the Green dragon sets down a heavy poison cloud, so everyone will need some healing, and the Blue dragon will kill everyone if the main tank dies, so he will need to be protected at all costs
10. There are ten things you need to know, but the last one is a secret

Meet the Dragons!

Katatheo The Proud
The Red Dragon, Katatheo The Proud, fires out multiple fireballs in the surrounding area. Katatheo can be found on the top left of the Stronghold map.
Oxuno The Treacherous
The Green Dragon, Oxuno The Treacherous, spews out a poisonous smog that covers the entire area inflicting constant poison damage. Oxuno can be found on the bottom right of the Stronghold map.
Chrysos The Vain
The Blue Dragon, Chrysos The Vain, will inflict major damage to everyone in the area if it kills its target. Chrysos can be found on the top right of the Stronghold map.
Ekdos The Cruel
The Black Dragon, Ekdos The Cruel, has an acidic bite eats away at adventurer's damage resistance. Also, when a player dies Ekdos summons his ghostly minions from your dead body to haunt your guild members. Ekdos can be found on the bottom left of the Stronghold map.

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