Quartermaster Enchants (utility slot)

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Quartermaster Enchants (utility slot)

Post by Preechr » Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:05 pm

What are Quartermaster Enchantments?
They are a utility enchantment introduced as part of the Siege of Neverwinter event in the spring of 2016, as a replacement for the older Salvager’s enchantment. They give you a chance at getting a bag of goods each time you kill an enemy.
How do I get them?
You can get them as a reward from the Siege event, which comes around two or three times per year. They are relatively easy to farm there, but you can get the R5 enchant. Since this is a limited-time event, and they only come in R5 and are rather popular this makes them very expensive on the AH. On PC, R7/R8/R9R/R10 QMs sell for about 40k/150k/400k/1M AD presently but they are still, IMO, one of the very best investments you can make in this game…
What do they do?
Each QM you equip gives you a cumulative chance at getting a bag after each kill.
Rank Chance
5 0.5%
6 0.75%
7 1%
8 1.5%
9 2%
10 2.5%
11 3%
12 3.5%
The bag drops are picked up automatically (thank god) and stack with each other, by type (more on this in the next section), up to 999 bags per stack. This was changed along the way because at first the stacks were only at 99 max.
Like other similar enchants or features, the drops are capped on a 20 hour timer, approximately. I usually get about 12 bags max from a single day, regardless of the type of bag I get, and you can expect roughly a 60 second timer between drops.
My basic routine if I want to spend as little time as possible playing on a given night is to run stuff like Sharandar or do a quick influence run and this is usually sufficient to get me close to a dozen bags in 20-25 minutes, usually. If I don’t have that I just do Gnarloot caves two or three times and this can get me 2-3 bags per run.
I only play with one main character, so I do not know how the cap works for multiple characters.
I am told that the cap is par character and not per account. So equip all your alts with R5/R6 they'll contribute as well. One of these days I'll test it myself.
What about those bags?
There are five different types of bags, and which ones drop depends on a) the level of the critter you killed and b) some amount of random chance. In practice, for most characters this is what you’re likely to get:
Discarded Equipment (blue): From mobs at level 60 or lower.
Abandoned Gear (purple): From mobs over 60.
Spoils or War (purple): From mobs over 67.
I really haven’t done extensive testing over which bag drops how exactly, because in the end, it doesn’t really matter for their main purpose and the two purple ones are the ones you’ll see 99% of the time except in some level-adjusted events, like the Siege. I practice I get about 65 to 80% Spoils, with the rest being Abandoned Gear.
So, what’s in the bag?
There are two things you can do with the bags: open them or donate them to your guild. Abandoned Gear gives 30 Surplus Equipment and Spoils give 70. Needless to say, on 2x Marks you can get tons of Marks and really give a good boost to your guild, so this definitely is a great option.
The other thing you can do is to… open them. They may contain a variety of stuff including potions (type depends on the bag), resources, green equipment (Discarded and Abandoned bags), basic campaign currency (Spoils) and ENCHANTS. LOTS AND LOTS OF ENCHANTS… if you open them correctly. Note that the enchants are Bound to Account (BoA), which still makes them the best source of RP in this game, bar none.
Also be aware that you get the exact same quantity of enchantments in both purple bags, so do not throw any away. The only practical difference is that the Abandoned bags will give you additional green gear that you’ll have to clean (or sell or donate) from your inventory while you open them.
How to Open QM Bags the Right Way.
This is the most important part of this PSA, so pay attention here. The bags you get with QM enchants have a mechanism that is otherwise unique in this game. The level of the enchants you will get is determined by the cumulative % chance of the QM enchants that you have equipped at that moment.
This means that you can wear whatever combination of QM enchants that suits you while adventuring. The more you play each day, the less you can decide to equip. I personally use 3x QM R9 and 2x Dragon’s Hoard because I average 30-60 minutes per day and want to maximize my drops. I can usually get most of my bags with the first 20-25 minutes of killing stuff.
You will want to open your bags on 2x Enchants, obviously. Anything else would be a waste, so the following calculations in this PSA all will reflect this.
To maximize your results from opening QM bags, you need to have 11% QM chance in total. Not 10.5%, as some insist. It’s 11%, without a single doubt.
After seeing some comments I re-tested this and 10.5% DOES work, but only if you use five utility lots, and not six. However, the methodology described below is still the most cost-effective way to open the bags.
Here are some of my results from opening bags on the Test and Dragon servers during the few last 2X Enchants events.
Results from opening 300 purple bags at 10.5%: (using 3xR9 and 3xR8)
Rank Quantity Per bag
R5 256 0.85
R6 422 1.41
R7 10 0.03
Results from opening 1331 purple bags at 11%: (using 4xR9 and 2xR8)
Rank Quantity Per bag
R5 0 0.00
R6 3395 2.55
R7 148 0.11
Results from opening 1000 purple bags at 21% (using 6x R12):
Rank Quantity Per bag
R5 0 0.00
R6 2588 2.59
R7 110 0.11
EDIT: After some more research I tested many more combinations of QM enchants to see if they drop R5s or not and finally found the answer.
10.5% works ONLY when using 5 utility slots. You can not use the 6th slot to reach exactly 10.5%. You can use it to reach 10.75% or above and only then it will work. In other words, if you have Makos's ring aim for 11% (using six enchants) and if you don't aim for 10.5% (using five enchants).
So it does depend on the combination, which is pretty illogical but it is what it is. I stand by my original assertion that the 3xR9 + 3xR8 combo is the cheapest effective way to open QM Bags but I can see why many say that 10.5% can work too.

Thanks to JanneMoonmist for five of the R12 I used. I didn't do this during an event so I doubled the values.
I think the numbers speak for themselves, so I won’t bother with more tests for 10.5% or 21%. The only reason to open these bags at less than 11% QM chance is if you really need some of that RP to rank up your QM collection or your Bondings. Anything else is a waste, so be patient. It’s worth it.
QM fashion advice.
Depending on where you are in the SKT campaign at level 70 you have access to equipment with 5 or 6 utility slots, so to reach that magic 11% value at the lowest cost possible you have two options. Finishing the main questline in SKT gives you access to Makos ring, which is the only one with a utility slot and it is very useful indeed.
Option 1: Before SKT you need 3xR9 and 2xR10. Total cost: 3.2M AD on the AH.
Option 2: After SKT you can use 4xR9 and 2xR8. Total cost 1.8M AD on the AH.
Option 3: GWFs have access to a mainhand with an utility slot from the Seals Trader, giving them a 7th slot. They can use 1xR9 and 6xR8. Total cost 1.0M AD on the AH.
Obviously the better long term option is to slowly rank up your collection with whatever RP you can get through quests (Sharandar) or Leadership. Alternatively, you can share them between friends and guildmates. If you do this however, be VERY VERY careful not to get scammed.
Sweet, sweet RP…
Up to now, this PSA has been mostly about raw numbers, but let’s math a little QMs can do for you with tangible examples, using RP values from 2xRP events. I’ll be using for comparison’s sake a stack of 99x R5 blue enchants worth about 30k AD on the AH during 2xRP. Those are worth in total 99x 1080 RP so about 107k RP.
R6 enchants are worth 4320 RP, 4x as much as R5s.
R7 enchants are worth 8640 RP, 8x as much as R5s.
You can get as much as 12 bags/day, but I’ll be using 10 as a value because there are days I don’t play.
Using those values, 10 bags x 2.5 R6= 25 R6 = 108k RP. I don’t even need to calculate the R7 enchant because I now have about 30k AD’s worth of RP by doing nothing but playing. Roughly, that’s almost 1M AD of value per month if you add up the R7s. It isn’t stuff that you can sell directly, but you can use it to refine enchants that you’ll sell afterwards.
In terms of RP, 10x bags x 30 days = 750 R6 and 30 R7 enchants = 3.5M RP. This is equivalent to 32 stacks of R5 enchants, or enough to refine two enchants from R10 to R12, 1.5 R12 from R7s, or 6x R10s from R7s, per month. But wait, there’s more! Double those numbers for same-color enchantments, so only use your Azures or Azures, etc… if you need to upgrade those.
For artifacts, the previous values are always doubled so you’d have the equivalent of 7M RP to use per month. That’s enough to upgrade 22 feeders to rank 59. Nice!
If you play several characters, equip them with QM enchants as well and you can pool all your RP together and multiply the above results.
About upgrading enchants.
Of course RP is only one part of the upgrade process, so if you intend to play this game for some time you’ll better plan ahead.
Purple marks of union/power/stability drop from DR lairs on certain days, also in a few lockbox coffers. The AH price crashes when new lockboxes are introduced or there are sales on keys, so look to stock up on them at these times.
Marks of Potency can be bought from the in-game AD store. You get a 25% discount at VIP 12, but you can also stack an additional 25% discount (iirc) during the annual Protector’s Jubilee event every June, so stock up on as many as you can.
Preservation and Coal wards have massive discounts (40% or 50%) on them twice per year in June and November for the Jubilee and Black Friday. You will need hundreds, so try to only buy them during these events.
You can complement you set of QMs with Dragon's Hoard enchants for artifact equipment and the Wanderer's Fortune mount bonus. If you need companion tokens some of the Companion Packs are also a terrific source of unbound RP.
Also keep in mind that you’ll want to upgrade your Bonding stones first, your companion’s enchants second and everything else afterwards. It's up to you to prioritize your progression.
Conclusion and tl;dr
Quartermasters Enchants are great, everybody needs RP. Use them. It’s 11%* (see edits). Open during 2x Enchants, use to refine during 2x RP. Thanks for reading!
EDIT 1:This was edited to add the testing for 21%.
EDIT 2:Turns out 10.5% DOES work, but only when using five utility slots, which will always be more expensive than just using 4xR9 + 2xR8. Nevertheless, I edited the FAQ to reflect this.

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