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Interface settings

Posted: Fri May 25, 2018 2:23 pm
by tady85
What I liked to do and you may like it as well:

Setting up the chat . You have multiple options of chat tabs and you can select different settings for each one. So i go on SOCIAL TAB, click on the wheel on the left corner and uncheck everything else except: Alliance, Guild, Tell, Say, Event Notify, Guild Officer, Friend Notify, Match, Open Party, Raid, Que Group. You Can also create new chat tab with those settings. I am having that one as default, selected by just clicking it. If you need the trade/zone chat, you can always switch with one click on the other tab, the default one! This allows me to not loose important messages from the guild/alliance members.
Another thing that i like to do is to enlarge the interface and chat!
You press ESC button, go to options, Interface tab, and at general - Interface scaling option I like 1.40 scale factor. And lower, On CHAT, I like font scaling at 1.85. You can set it any way you like it.