Level 70: before and after!

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Level 70: before and after!

Post by tady85 » Mon Aug 13, 2018 9:42 am

Hello everyone!

When you start Neverwinter you get into a new world that you don't know much about, or you do know about the stories, but not about the action!

For new players: please read the topics in "new to Neverwinter?" forum. To sum it up, activate guild boons, find and follow a GUIDE, do Random Leveling dungeons or Illusionist Gambit skirmish, get to lvl 70, doe ach day Random ques to make Astral Diamonds and do not worry about GEAR.

After level 70 the game starts to get serious and things get more challanging! First thing: go to Lord Neveremeber, In the royal room, in Protector's Enclave and take the quest: Unwelcome guests". Follow it, and you will get decent GEAR for free. You shouldn't upgrade the weapons until you get the Primal ones for seals of the brave and some rank 8 enchants. To raise your item level, you need to:

1. Get 5 mounts with RARE or higher quality and fill up the insignia slots. Be carefull to choose the mounts that give you the insignia bonuses that you want. ( https://two30.github.io/neverwinter-insignia/ )

2. Get 5 companions. at least epic if possible. Some of the companions are cheaper to upgrade to epic while others are cheaper to buy them upgraded to epic. (To upgrade a companion from common to uncommon 50k AD, from uncommon to rare 250k, from rare to epic 500k from epic to legendary 1000k AD) Use the companion upgrade tokens just from Epic to legendary and JUST if you collected them from lockboxes, otherwise it is cheaper to use the AD to upgrade the companions. Also try to get a good summoned companion (chultan tiger best in slot for now) and equip it with gear from Illusionist Gambit skirmish and Bonding stones as high as you can afford buying.
3. Artifacts : Belt and Neck you should buy from AH, the same goes for your artifacts on the bottom. You should check first what stats they provide at highest quality and go for the ones that help your build. buy them and get them at least to EPIC quality for item level/stats.
You will get better gear with seals of the brave from Seals Trade vendor in Protector's Enclave market place, Seals that you earn by doing Dungeons.
Always ask in guild chat if you need help or me!

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