What gear should I get at level 70 and up?(OUTDATED)

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What gear should I get at level 70 and up?(OUTDATED)

Post by Preechr » Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:22 pm

Until you reach level 70, we recommend you not worry too much about the armor you have and its stats... Focus on gear with Power and don't really worry about the rest, as it just doesn't matter that much

Until Mod 12, there was a standard progression model for slowly getting better armor and weapon pieces by running dungeons after level 68
You would run Tier 1 dungeons and skirmishes to get pieces of the Alliance Gear and Elemental Seals to buy more, which was slightly better than the gear you still had from the Elemental Evil Campaign, until you could get a high enough item level to start running Tier 2 dungeons and start getting some Elven Gear and Protector Seals to buy more of that
Eventually, you could start replacing that stuff with Dragonflight gear earned through participation in your Guild or Drow gear earned through the Underdark Campaign

Well, now the dungeons still may drop that stuff, but the seals have changed and that old gear was moved to the Trade Bar vendor
Dragonflight and/or Drow armor is still a decent middle step to the newer, better stuff to be had in Campaigns that came up after Ice Wind Dale, but many people are skipping that and going for the Company, Pilgrim or Pioneer armor pieces, which can be had in trade for Guild Marks, Zen & Trade Bars, and Chultan Riches, respectively
Company has the same basic stats as the Dragonflight gear but doesn't require fangs, and Pilgrim or Pioneer armor may well be more easily attained than Guild Marks for some, depending on their situation

After that, really nice upgrades can be found as drops in various dungeons or from hunts in Chult, and the best gear in the game is currently either Primal, which is obtained by earning special seals from the Temple of the Nine Gods in Chult, or Crafted (Titansteel, Manticore, etc...) from the Masterwork II Professions... or a combination of these pieces based on what pieces ultimately fit your build the best

We have prepared some sortable tables that may help you untangle the mess of stats available to you on the hundreds of armor pieces you could wear as you find your Best in Slot pieces, and you can find these by using the Quick Links button at the top of the page
Pick your class and then, if you would prefer armor that gives the most Power, double click the Power heading and the list will sort those pieces to the top... Same for Crit, ArmPen and other stats

Hopefully, these tables will make your progression plans somewhat easier, but head, chest, arm and foot armor pieces are only part of the equation
The simplest next step is picking out your underwear... The best pieces here are still the nice, "Gemmed" epic pieces available via Professions, which you can find fairly affordably on the AH, make yourself, or ask a guildie (nicely) for help
For certain dps classes, the Bloodstained Shirt can be considered better than the crafted shirt pieces available, though

As far as weapons go, as soon as you hit level 70, check the AH for prices on the Chultan crafted weapons for your class
(Filter main hand or off hand for level 70 and "Usable by me" and search for Teak or Wootz)
These are super cheap and have great Tier 4 base stats, and you can shop among what is available to get the Artifact Powers you want for your build, which will save you a lot of AD usually needed to get the powers you want using the boxes you have to buy

Weapons are always double refinement, so you can refine them up as you run your campaigns and have an excellent set of weapons that will serve you well until you can afford to upgrade to Best in Slot for your build later on, even if the set bonus is horrible

As far as Best in Slot, while some argument could be made for restoring Relic Weapons from SOMI or grinding up the weapons available from River District, I won't be making those... While you may be running those campaigns and may end up with those weapons, at this time the best weapons for just about any build are the Stronghold Weapons, available though the highest Mastercraft level of Professions

They are very expensive, but the main reason for that is most of these sets require a certain ingredient that only drops 10% of the time at the end of the Master Spell Plague Dungeon, so the smart thing to do if you want these weapons is to get qualified for MSP and run it until you get the Fartouched Residuum needed to build your weapons, then get a few more to pay for the rest of the ingredients

I'll post up a table listing the ingredients needed for these weapon sets per class at some point soon... once you have all you need, the Alliance (and hopefully by the time you read this, our guild) has Mastercrafters that will make the weapons for you at little or no markup

If the availability or price of the ingredients change in the future, I'll try to remember to append this, but for now, Fartouched Residuum is going for about 800K AD each, so farming it is a good idea any way you go

As for the rest of your gear, your artifacts, rings, neck and belt are really up to whatever build you have decided on
If you don't know what to do here, head on over to the specific forum set up for your class and ask for advice there
These items will have to be decided upon and then procured, then refined up over time, but it is still good to have a plan going in

Have Fun!

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