Zen: To buy or to trade

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Zen: To buy or to trade

Post by Preechr » Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:51 pm

So, in other posts, we have talked about earning AD to trade for Zen so you can buy an account-wide Epic Mount or purchase VIP
For many new players, these are not easy things to figure out, so a lot of people either buy Zen with real money or go without, but by looking at purchases you want to make from many different angles, you can figure out a plan to spend as little currency (real or otherwise) as possible

There are many other valuable things you can purchase in the Zen store, but there always other ways to get them without spending real money, so let's talk about that for a bit

One example that comes up frequently is the high cost of upgrading a companion from Epic to Legendary: This will set you back either 1 million AD or 120 Companion Upgrade Tokens, which you may have gotten a few of already by opening lockboxes with your VIP keys

The current companion packs in lockboxes will generally give you 2 Upgrade Tokens, but you also could get an additional 30 of them by chance*

Many people sell these companion packs along with pretty much everything else they get out of their daily lockboxes and the price on the AH can vary between about 30-50K AD

In the Zen store, you can also buy two kinds of packs that contain Companion Upgrade Tokens: The small one costs 500 Zen and contains 15 Companion Upgrade Tokens and the larger one costs 1400 Zen and you get 45 Companion Upgrade Tokens plus a Lesser Bonding Stone

So, let's figure up the actual cost of Companion Upgrade Tokens and compare that to upgrading with AD alone

Obviously, the bigger pack is the better deal, as you get 3 times the amount of tokens PLUS an item you can sell for about 50-60K AD depending on the market and how much the AH charges you to sell stuff

Also, we should only consider doing any Zen store purchase with a 20% off coupon from invoking, so if we factor in for that discount and use the current exchange rate of 500AD:1 Zen and then subtract 50K AD for what we could sell the Lesser Bonding Stone for, the cost of the 45 Companion Upgrade Tokens would be: (1400 x .8 x 500) - 50,000 or 510,000 AD, which is to say each Companion Upgrade Token would cost you about 11,333 AD

So far, it seems that spending AD is more efficient, since you would basically be paying 1 million AD for the equivalent of 120 Companion Upgrade Tokens

But let's look a little closer at the "Expedition Companion Pack" that is currently dropping from lockboxes and that can be purchased on the AH

Here is what is in the Tooltip:
This box contains one of the following:
30 Companion Upgrade Tokens
Bonding Runestone
Rank 9 Runestone
Rank 8 Runestone

And one of the following:
Stalwart Golden Lion companion
Crab companion
Hawk companion
Phase Spider companion
Rank 8 Runestone

It also contains:
Greater Companion Experience Treatise
2 Companion Upgrade Tokens

Now, obviously MOST of the time you would get the least possible reward from opening these packs, so you could count on 2 Companion Upgrade Tokens and a couple of rank 8 or 9 runestones

Well, some people actually open thousands of these lockboxes and record the results for us to see just how likely we are to get lucky, so let's have a look at the numbers using the RNG Toolbox at NWO-uncensored: https://www.nwo-uncensored.com/phpBB3/a ... s/rngvalue

1 x  Rank 8 Runestone 17971.60%
1 x  Rank 9 Runestone 4116.40%
1 x  Moderate Bonding RunestoneItem228.80%
30 x Companion Upgrade TokenCustom83.20%
1 x  Rank 8 Runestone 22389.20%
1 x  Phase SpiderItem124.80%
1 x  HawkItem83.20%
1 x  CrabItem52.00%
1 x  Stalwart Golden LionItem20.80%
2 x  Companion Upgrade TokenCustom 100.00%
1 x  Greater Companion Experience TreatiseItem 100.00%

So, we can see there's an approximate 3.2% chance of getting that 30 Companion Upgrade Tokens reward by opening those packs, so a gambler may just find it worthwhile to buy up several of those Expedition Companion Packs on the AH when they are selling for pretty cheap (say about 30-32K AD each) and then selling off whatever rewards were received... this is, however, a risky proposition with incalcuable potential results, so YMMV (your mileage may vary)

Now, please, keep in mind this post was NOT intended to TELL you how you should upgrade your pets or whether you should! We are simply exploring options on a common goal in hopes that new players will get a feel for what kind of thinking and research goes into making good decisions

That being said, of course there's more to think about when considering other kinds of purchases... let's take a look at the raw, undiscounted costs for the OTHER pet upgrades:

UpgradeADsTokensZAX 500
 Common -] Uncommon 50,000 30 500,000
 Uncommon -] Rare 250,000 60 1,000,000
 Rare -] Epic 500,000 90 1,500,000
 Epic -] Legendary 1,000,000 120 2,000,000

This data also comes from NWO-uncensored, which is a great resource for all kinds of data: https://blog.nwo-uncensored.com/compani ... oken-pack/

In that table, the last column shows the cost in AD if you were to buy Zen with AD at 500:1 and then buy the Zen store pack of 15 Companion Upgrade Tokens with no discounts... as you can see, even with raw numbers there is NO WAY you should ever consider the lower level upgrades with that method!

One last thing to consider: All of this goes out the window during the two Half-Off Zen Store Items events they have per year, so cagey players save up as much as they can for those... While the 20% off coupons won't work during those events, the extra 30% off would make that 45 Token pack on the store only 700 Zen, which would tip the scales quite a bit in terms of our first Epic -] Legendary experiment

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