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Neverwinter Alphabet Soup

Post by Preechr » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:57 pm

Often, players that are trying to form a group for dungeons or skirmishes will post in Guild, Alliance or the Zone's "Looking for Group" channel. There is a commmonly understood "code" for these requests that can be a bit confusing at first. Here is a list of definitions:

Common Dungeons:
CN - Castle Never T2 dungeon
eGWD - Epic Grey Wolf Den T2 dungeon
eCC - Epic Cragmire Crypts T2 dungeon
eToS or ToS - Temple of the Spider T2 dungeon, in epic or normal mode
eLoL - epic Lair of Lostmauth T1 dungeon
MC - Malabog's Castle T1 dungeon
KR - Kessel's Retreat T1 dungeon
eSoT - Shores of Tuern skirmish
MotH - Master of the Hunt skirmish
VT - Valindra's Tower T1 dungeon
FBI - Fangbreaker Island T3 dungeon, requires Everfrost Resistance
MSP - Master Spellplague Caverns T3 dungeon
ToNG or T9G - Tomb of the Nine Gods T3 dungeon
eDemo or nDemo - Demogorgon 10 man Trial, in normal or master mode, usually run just for the rings
mSVA or SVA - Assault on Svardborg 10 man trial, in normal or master mode, requires Everfrost Resistance
PoM - Prophecy of Madness skirmish
ToDG - Throne of the Dwarven Gods, more commonly called Throne

Common expressions:
LF1M - Looking for (1) More, usually followed by a dungeon, possibly a class (ex: LF2M VT tank, healer)
WTT - Want to trade, usually seen in Trade Channel (ex: WTT Radiant r11 for Azure r11 plus GMOP)
GMOP, SMOP - Greater and Superior Marks of Potency, these are commonly used for trading as the price is fairly fixed
DOT - Damage Over Time, an encounter that does smaller amounts of damage but comes back to re-hit more than once
DPS - Damage per Second, also refers to anyone from one of the non-support builds
AD - Astral Diamonds
AH - Auction House
AoE - Area of Effect
AP - Action Points

These are the more common abbreviations, but you may also see people abbreviating class skills (ex: BtS - Break the Spirit, a DC encounter) in conversations with no context to give clues as to what they are speaking of... I wouldn't let that bother you too much :D As you become more familiar with how other classes work, you will pick up on all that... and if you don't know what they are talking about you probably wouldn't understand the conversation anyway :D

If you do want a more complete list (some of it's dated and un-used) check out the wiki entry: ... reviations

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