How to unlock basic services as a new player

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How to unlock basic services as a new player

Post by Preechr » Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:29 am ... pammers/p1

Well met, adventurers,

Similar to our efforts to hinder the spammers on PlayStation®4, we’ll be implementing a few rules to PC that will make it more difficult for them to function and harass legitimate players. While we can’t share the specifics of these changes, new characters will be subject to the following restrictions until you have progressed a certain amount in the main quests:

- No ability to use the AD Exchange
- No ability to perform in-person trades
- No ability to send a mail message that contains items
- No ability to post a message to Say, Trade, Zone, and LFG chat
- No ability to use “Say” in static zones
- No ability to post on the Auction House

We’d like to note that these barriers of entry are quite low, meaning you’ll only need to play for a few hours before being able to perform the functions stated above. This is to ensure legitimate players are affected as little as possible with these changes.

We’re also currently in the process of evaluating the rules we set - whether by tweaking, adding, or removing - in order to provide a smoother experience for new players while blocking gold spammers. We’ll monitor the results of these new changes in the coming days to judge whether they need adjusting.

Characters that were created before 8/25 at 8AM PT will not be affected by these rules in order to avoid any confusion.

Lastly, if you see these spammers in-game at any time, do NOT contact or purchase from them. Doing so puts your account security at risk in addition to other players. Astral Diamonds sold by these sites are often acquired by compromising another player’s account, or even yours! These sites are not condoned by any member of the Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment team.

We thank you for continuing to support Neverwinter and wish for your future adventures to stray clear from any evil magic.

- The Neverwinter team

Moderator Update:

To unlock trading, auction house, and other social functions, one must have completed any five of the following quest chains on any one character on the account. Once unlocked on any one character, all characters will be unrestricted.

Chain: Return of the Crown
Quests to complete:
The Trail of the Crown
Cornering Karzov

Chain: The Tower District
Quests to complete:
Returning the Pain
Fists of the Warband
Into the Cloak Tower

Chain: The Plague Tower
Quests to complete:
Troubled Times
The Plague Tower

Chain: Blackdagger Ruins
Quests to complete:
The Sea Caves
Bloodying the Bandits
Grimstorm Keep

Chain: Neverdeath
Quests to complete:
Dragon Attack
Opening the Way
The Clockwork Tomb

Chain: Helm's Hold
Quests to complete:
The Underscar
The Being from Beyond
The Sanatorium

One can in game these required quests as they are all be displayed in the new Campaign Layout screens and menus.

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