Disconnecting or Crashing PC?

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Disconnecting or Crashing PC?

Post by Preechr » Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:03 pm

If you are having troubles playing the game at whatever default settings the installation chose for you (based on your hardware,) and you are experiencing lag in the game, the best first step would be to lower your graphics settings
If you have a Windows computer and you are experiencing crashes or frequent disconnections, you may be able to at least get some clues that might help you troubleshoot the problem by using the Windows Event Viewer
To get started, press your Windows key on your keyboard to open the menu and type "eventvwr," then click the application in the results above
This will open up the Event Viewer application... This is where Windows stores information about every little thing its doing in the background when you are using your PC
There is a ton of information in here, but it's not too hard to sort through it if you have a general idea of the time the last problem you had took place
First, you want to select "Windows Logs" from the menu on the left
There are two main areas in here that have useful information: The Application and System Logs
Most of this information is mundane notifications that some process started and stopped normally, but that's not why we are here
Let's filter out all the junk we don't need to see by first left-clicking the Application Log to open it, then right-clicking it to open the context menu
Then, select Filter Current Log
This will bring up a new window, and you want to check Critical, Warning and Error, then click OK
This will leave only the serious stuff... Look at the dates and times to see if you can find anything that correlates with the last problem you had
The Application Log is only concerned with software problems that caused an issue
In the above picture, you can see that this computer has had some errors titled "Application Hang"... that's pretty self descriptive
When I select that event, I can look at the bottom description for details and see that a program called WorkstationCoordinator.exe had some sort of problem and shut down
The event details say I can look in the Action Center Control Panel and find some more information, but that's generally not true and never actually helpful, so usually you would have to start googling around for what that thing is and why it might be broken... but be careful with that
Try to look at other events that happened close to that one and see if you can find more clues before you turn to google
If you do have to look on the Internet for help, you will notice that anytime you search for information about problematic software or drivers there are a ton of automated sites that seem to offer advice on exactly what you are looking for, but all they generally do is give the manufacturer description of the software and not much help past that at all
You can try copying and pasting all or most of the error message for your problem and putting it in quotes to find reports from people that had the exact problem you had
Unfortunately, my example isn't going to give good results here, as that particular WorkstationCoordinator.exe program is a minor part of some junk software that nobody cares about, but the problem you have uncovered is most likely Neverwinter related and a much more popular issue to find discussion around on the Internet

If something the game was doing was interrupted by some other program on your computer, or maybe your OpenGL or DirectX libraries have a problem, you would likely find a clue here in the Application log
Sometimes, problems can be caused by hardware or drivers for hardware in your system... For these kinds of issues, we would look in the System Log
Open and filter the System Log over on the left panel
If your PC has actually been crashing, not just the game, you would see something like "Kernel Error" or "Kernel Panic" right about the time it happened, and some other messages indicating the nature of the crash
Usually, there would be Application Log events that indicate problems with some software (most likely something to do with video in this case) and related events in the System Log, such as a program or driver had a major problem and then told Windows to stop everything and shut down before something got damaged
Sometimes, disconnection problems can be caused by bad hardware, such as your network interface card (NIC)... You could have a driver problem in the Application Log and an associated hardware event in the System Log
All this may only be enough to get you started, but it may have already led you to some possible solutions... It all depends on the specific problem you are facing
If you've gotten this far and still can't see a solution, feel free to respond here and maybe we can help get you further

Have Fun!
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Re: Disconnecting or Crashing PC?

Post by Preechr » Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:35 pm

Frequent disconnects may also be something going on between your computer and the Internet, or something going on with your internet service provider (ISP)
If you are connected wirelessly and experiencing problems, you may try rebooting your wireless modem or just plugging in a cable
Wireless connections are notoriously buggy and much slower than wired connections... even though normal browsing around and playing on the Internet may work fine, something as intensive as running a game may benefit from a sturdier connection
Your wireless receiver may or may not be built into your gateway modem, which would be the box that is connected to the wire that comes from outside your home
That modem (whether or not you use wireless) can also be rebooted, which may help with your connection issues, but won't hurt anything
Just unplug the power to it (and the battery if it has one) and wait for about 25 seconds before plugging it back in
It will take a moment for your internet connection to restore itself, but it should come back up automatically in a bit
This is general advice, but if what you should do to reboot your modem or wireless transceiver, look the model up on the internet and get instructions specific to your device... Remember, reboot is NOT the same thing as reset... you don't want to wipe your settings, so don't go pressing buttons if all you wish to do is clear up your connection

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