How to file a Bug Report or Support Ticket

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How to file a Bug Report or Support Ticket

Post by Preechr » Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:17 pm ... ting-a-bug

This was posted by one of the Community Managers:

The best way to report an in game bug (that's not an exploit) is to log into the game and type /bug in chat, then fill out a report. After submitted in game, you will see the Bug Report Number appear in chat, copy it. Then go to the Bug Reports forum and make a thread detailing the bug (again, as long as it is not an exploit), and include your Bug Report Number in the forum report.

To report exploits, do the first part mentioned above by submitting it in game via /bug command and copy the bug report number. Then contact any Neverwinter Community Moderator via Private Message (or even via Discord private messages) and detail the issue to us, including the Bug Report Number. We will then forward that to the Devs.

Keep in mind, Bug Reports made in game do not get responses. You can tell the difference between whether you filed a Bug Report or a Support Ticket two ways. The easiest way is by the Ticket Number output to your chat. If it is one long set of numbers, then that was filed as a Bug Report. If it is two sets of six numbers (IE: 123456-789012), separated by a dash, then it was filed as a Support Ticket. The other way is to look at your ticket history and see if it is there, if it is, then it was filed as a Support Ticket.

Support Tickets should only be made for things that need a Game Master (Perfect World Entertainment) whereas Bug Reports should be things that the Developers (Cryptic Studios) need to be made aware of. Bug Reports go to Cryptic, Support Tickets go to PWE.

If you file a Bug Report as a Support Ticket, you'll be wasting your time and PWE's time as they will just tell you to make a bug report. If you're filing a Support Ticket as a Bug Report, then you'll be wasting your time and Cryptic's time and you won't get a response, making you think they're ignoring you when in reality, you're just reporting things to the wrong people.

The only time you should be filing a Bug Report as a Support Ticket is when the Developers or Community Staff explicitly say to. For example, you made a post about a known bug that caused you to loose an item. A Dev or Community Staff Member replied telling you that support is aware and you should file a Support Ticket so they can authenticate the loss and reimburse you. Another example would be you posted a known bug that caused your character to get stuck somewhere and no in-game means will alleviate the issue. A Dev or Community Staff Member replied telling you contact Support so they can fix your character's location.

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