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Hunting in Chult

Post by Preechr » Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:11 pm

Anyone can participate in hunts, get trophy drops and make lures
In order to get the campaign currency bonuses and initiate a hunt by using a lure, you have to have completed the Chult Campaign Task for the level of hunt you are trying to start

Step One: Getting Trophies
Trophies are fairly rare drops that come from only certain special mobs, for instance: on the Trophy Map you will see where all the Venomtails spawn
They will mostly spawn in groups of three and NOT be Venomtails, but rather they will be weaker Scorpions
If you kill enough groups of Scorpions, eventually they will respawn as Venomtails... only Venomtails have a chance to drop Venomtail Poison, a trophy
When a special mob spawns, the creatures will have a light red glow as well
Smilodons are special Tigers, Tyrannosaurus Rex is a special Tyrannosaur, Batiri Braves are special Batiri.... etc...
If you want to farm them, kill the regular mobs until you get a spawn that glows red and has the same name as the trophy, and cross your fingers

Trophies are considered unique drops, so you can only have one in your inventory at a time... that includes your personal bank
If you already have one of a type of trophy in your inventory or personal bank, you will never get one of those drops
The workaround for this is to mail the trophies to yourself, so its important to have access to the VIP Mailbox feature
If you don't have the VIP Mailbox, party up with someone that does and use theirs
Trophies and Lures cannot be sold, but people actively trade them for varying amounts of GMoPs or SMoPs in Chult and PE
As always, be wary of scammers when trading with strangers... go slow and double check everything

Step Two: Making Lures and Hunting
Once you have at least one T Rex Fang and one other type of Trophy, you can visit the NPC hunting vendors in Port Nyancat, find the one that can combine your trophy and your T Rex fang into a Lure, and trade them to him for the Lure
Once you have a Lure, provided you have opened up the appropriate Campaign Task to start that level of Hunt, you can proceed to the spot on the Hunting Map indicated by the mini-boss you are hunting and interact with the glittery little block on the ground to start
Hunts have three tiers, 1 star, 2 star and 3 star... there are many 1 star hunts, a few 2 star hunts and only one 3 star hunt: King of Spines
A successful hunt drops a Forgotten Totem and may also drop fairly nice equipment (look in the Chult Campaign collection), a Trophy for the next tier of hunt, and random trash

Tips on Hunting and collecting Trophies:
Once you open the 1 star hunting Campaign Task, you will be allowed to accumulate 25 more Forgotten Totems than your "Weekly Haul" limit
Once you have 5 lures built, you can usually find a hunting party where each of the other 4 players also have 5 lures, so each party member will get all 25 hunts completed
Sometimes, even if you don't have 5 lures, you might get included in a hunting party
If this happens, please be appreciative of this opportunity!
In these situations, people should stop rolling Need on every drop that pops up... Everyone should agree to roll Greed so the person or people who are supplying the majority of the Lures have an opportunity to roll Need on items they are hoping to get... This is only fair!
Additionally, if you haven't supplied as many or any lures, you should probably pass on any Trophies that might drop

Trophy Hunting Parties, especially those focused on farming T Rex fangs, are fairly common to see being formed in Zone Chat
Usually, someone in those parties will provide access to a VIP Mailbox if you don't have one
T Rex farmers will generally sit on a big rock across from the Tiger spawn you can see in between the two eastern T Rex patrols on the Trophy Map
T Rexes and Tyrannosaurs have a distinctive roar that you can hear from a long way away, and you can hear both patrols from that rock
A party member can also sit at the southern part of the western patrol to watch for that one to spawn as well
Unlike the other Special mobs, when a T rex goes down, everyone that participated will get a Fang, so make sure to use the mail after every hunt

Good Luck and Have Fun!
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